The Fulani Administrative system of Fouta Djallon

Fouta Djallon’s land of 81 952 km2 is constituted by the central territory of the Republic of Guinea, which is what is known as Moyenne Guinée, and includes parts of Upper and Maritime Guinea. It borders Mali and Senegal in the north, Sierra Leone in the south and Guinea-Bissau in the west. While the Fulanis are its main population, they cohabit harmoniously with large representation of the other ethnic groups of Guinea. Prior colonial invasion, Fouta Djallon was a Theocratic Empire composed of seven Diwhés (Districts) lead by Lambés-Diwhés (Kings), and was governed by an Almamy (Emperor) who was biannually elected by the Elders at Bhouria, crowned at Fougomba and who reigned from Timbo. Mindful of the fact that sustainable development is an internal process which can be stimulated through outside assistance, United States nationals originating from Fouta Djallon have established an organization named “POTTAL Fii BHANTAL FOUTAH DJALLON”, to serve as a channel for means and ways, to contribute toward socioeconomic and cultural development of the Fouta Djallon.

Administrative divisions

The Diwal or District was subdivided into Missidehjis, or sub-districts, administrated by a Lambdo-Missidehjis. The Missidhejis are composed of-a cluster of Missidhe/Marga (a village). Each Missdhe or Marga was headed by a Horhe-Kaidy. The smallest unit or group of people, be they related or not, was under a Mawudjo Mussidhal