Fouta Djallon is the central region a Guinea. It is comprised of the whole region of Mid-Guinea, part of upper and Lower-Guinea. The Fouta Djallon is bordered to the North by Mali and Senegal, to the South by Sierra Leone, and by Guinea Bissau to the West. In Fouta Djallon, several ethnic and religious groups such as the Badiarankes, Bassaris, Coniaguis, Diakhankes, Dialonkes, Malinkes, Peulhs, Soussous, etc. live in perfect harmony. Before colonial domination, Fouta was the most powerful theocratic state in the region. Unfortunately since then, the state that was the most organized politically and administratively, and the most advanced economically and culturally has lost the urge that motivated its founding fathers. Nowadays, the Fouta is no longer responding to the expectations of the world; it is no longer mobilizing its children around the fundamental principles, which led to the creation of the nation. Its history is forgotten and the spirit that our generation needs and especially the youth quite missing.

Aware that no development will come from without, the emigrants from Fouta in the USA found necessary to create an organization called “POTTAL FII BHANTAL” to stimulate the economical, social and cultural development of Fouta. Pottal Fii Bhantal wants to be a rampart against suspicion, a gathering of every cultural and socio-economical component of Fouta around the values of tolerance and respect for the other in order to face the challenges of the development of that region of Guinea. PFB is the rallying cry against defeatism and exclusion that undermined the country for so long. It calls for solidarity, collaboration, and active listening as the fundamental basis for active citizenry and national reconstruction.

Pottal Fii Bhantal will not overlook any effort to favor and privilege dialogue for the sake of national unity and solidarity. The organization will condemn the culture of exclusion and violence and will call for tolerance and mutual understanding. With globalization that creates porous cultural barriers and homogenization of mores and customs, Pular, which is the vehicle of Fouta also, needs particular attention to allow it to contribute to the cultural blossoming of Guinea and universal civilization. It is our understanding that this upsurge of solidarity calls for sacrifices and a plan to develop Fouta.

That is why we call upon all children of Fouta of every wakes of life, trade and belief system to join Pottal Fii Bhantal, which is nothing less their Union for the economical, social and cultural development of their region and country.