Pottal Fii Bhantal Fouta Djallon (Union for Development of Fouta Djallon) is the result of the merger of two organizations: Bhantal Fouta Djallon, created in Washington D.C. on October 29 2006 to contribute to the development of Fouta Djallon, and Pottal Fouta Djallon, created in February 2007 in New York City, on one hand to denounce the injustices and abuses committed by Guinean military dictatorship through legal means such as using the International Courts Systems and public demonstrations, and on the other hand to educate Guineans living in New York about the laws and regulations of the U.S.A jump 4 starters.

When the two organizations merged, several projects were identified as priorities: building schools, hospitals, museums and many other needed infrastructures in Fouta Djallon. However those projects were postponed when the organization opened its office in the Bronx. People, both members and non-members, came forward to talk about their problems and ask for help. Among the issues were immigration, health care, housing, children education, adult education and many more. With immensity of the tasks, the board called for a general assembly meeting to talk about reorientation of the organization programs. At the conclusion of the General Assembly, it was decided that Pottal Fii Bhantal will prioritize its activities on helping people in the USA and the rest will come latter. Nowadays, the organization has become the sole agency for social services for members and non members. Pottal Fii Bhantal collaborates with other organizations such as CAMBA (Church Avenue Merchant Association), The Business Center for New American, The International Center, Affinity Health Care, and USA Drug Plan, to provide needed services to members. The Board also created a conference line where specialists of Immigration, Income Tax, Family counselors, or Food Specialists come to provide advice to people every Tuesday. The audience been has been growing ever since, as more than 1,000 auditors connect in some weeks.



To encourage Guineans involvement in the harmonious development of the United States of America, Pottal Fii Bhantal Fouta Djallon intends to:

  • Educate Guinean citizens about the U.S. laws and regulations.
  • Help members find affordable housing
  • Help Guineans with their immigration and IRS issues
  • Organize Basic English and computer classes.
  • Help them established a good credit record.
  • Prepare them for exams such as US citizenship, Taxi and Limousine Commission and Learner permit exams
  • Organize afterschool programs to help children with their homework
  • Educate people about family planning and family laws as stated in U.S Civil Laws
  • Organize seminars about sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS
  • Help members find medical insurance and Medicaid
  • Finally help members (asylees or refugees) find financing to start or expand their business.